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    Exquisite production processExquisite production technology

    Production equipment and testing equipment with international advanced level.

    Organize production in strict accordance with international and domestic standards such as China GB, American ASTM/ASME, Japan JIS, Germany DIN, etc..

    The product has passed the ISO 9001 international quality system certification.

    Perfect after sales service,Perfect after sales service,

    Manufacturers produce, first line brands, second line prices, create value for customers

    A professional team with extensive experience provides a comprehensive and effective product and service.



    Quality assurance, health and environmental protectionQuality assurance, health and environmental protection

    The products meet international standards, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing equipment, beer pipeline, boiler heat exchanger, medical equipment, water treatment equipment, yacht fittings, auto parts, domestic water supply industry.

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    • 質量管理體系認證證書
    • 質量計量檢測報告
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    • 疾病控制檢驗報告

    Company profileCompany profile

    Perfect service, high quality, dedication and perfection

    Foshan Yue Yue metal materials Co., Ltd. is a stainless steel enterprise located in Lanshi town, Guangdong, Foshan, China's famous stainless steel town. The company has a large advanced equipment special; industry production and sale of various stainless steel coil, stainless steel plate, stainless steel tube, stainless steel bar, stainless steel wire, and passed the ISO 9001 international quality system certification. The company also manufactures metal products for the global market.

    Founded in 2007, by the leading domestic stainless steel manufacturers processing small workshops so far, has gradually developed into the leading domestic stainless steel enterprises. Most of the employees have been engaged.......

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